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Air Source Heat Pumps

Since 1976 we have built a very solid reputation for the installation of air source heat pump equipment.  We install anything from small, wall mounted air to air split systems to large VRV and Chiller systems.

Air Source heat pumps are fast becoming a very popular alternative for places such as Offices, Warehouses, and Homes.  Until 2025 there is zero VAT on heat pump installations which includes air to air source as well as air to water heat pumps.   There has been a big government push towards Air-Water heat pumps (MCS APPROVAL INCOMING) with the install grant and all new homes having one but the benefit of cooling alongside heating has seen Air-Air heat pumps become even more popular.  Our design team will come to your property and advise you the best way to heat and cool your home.  Daikin SCOP is around 4.6

We specialise in the supply, installation and commissioning of a wide range of cooling and heat pump, air conditioning equipment.  As an approved dealer of Daikin equipment we can offer the best prices on the best equipment with the best after sales service.  

All our engineers are Fgas registered meaning they have been assessed for competency to carry out the installation works, have the required level of technical understanding, are well versed in the safe handling of refrigerants and particular are competent in the removal of environmentally damaging hydroflurocarbons such as R22.

Past installations include domestic Daikin air to water heat pump with HWS cylinder feeding UFH, air and water cooled chillers, packaged air conditioners, splits and multi splits, VRV and sky air systems for commercial, industrial and residential, comfort cooling and process applications.


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