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Solar PV

Our technically adept team specialise in domestic and commercial high-quality Solar PVinstallations.

Whether it’s a simple small array to take the edge of the electricity bills or a smart home intergrated storage system you will receive the same level of dedication and care.

For your peace of mind, Future Electrical use a trusted local roofing partner to ensure your Solar Panels are installed securely, safely and to MCS standards.

Our Solar PV system Installation will include:

A free initial survey for suitability and discussion of budget based options.

A tailored design package.

A transparent quotation and performace calculations based on real data.

MCS documentation and right to cancel.

No deposits required.

NICEIC certification and building control notification.

Commissioning and handover with our in house QS.

2 years workmanship warranty and long product warrants assured.

Solar PV technology is moving fast and systems are becoming cheaper and more powerful. With improved panel output and battery storage, you can virtually wipe out the electricity bills. There are now electricity tarifs designed for Solar PV owners with Octopus Flex, for example, paying 22p per KW exported!  If you don’t want to see that export going off to the grid we can install diverters to heat your hot water cylinder using technology that sees surplus generation and diverts it there.  You can even combine an electric vehicle charger with your system to pick up the surplus and send it to your car.


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Electrical Installations

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